Halloween in a Box (working title)

Before the days of elaborate Halloween costumes, there were costumes in a box.  Remember them? We seemingly all wore these costumes as kids. Now hear the story behind those costumes and the history of the Ben Cooper Company and Collegeville Inc., as well as how the Tylenol scare of 1982 almost made trick or treating extinct.

Do you own a photo or video of you wearing these costumes? We would love to have it in our documentary. All we would need is the photo or footage you own, and the signed release form (which you can find below) which allows us to use your property in our documentary.

Release Form
Click here to Download the form.

1. Email us your photo at info@hnnproductions.net
2. Download the release form.
3. Print, sign and date it.
4. Send it back to us at: info@hnnproductions.net
OR by mail to
HNN Productions
c/o Rob Caprilozzi
12B April Gardens Rd.
Seymour, CT 06483

That’s it! Your photo will be in the documentary.